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Elizabeth Hurley was recently spotted leaving her humble abode in London carrying Hermes Belts an Hermes So Black Birkin. If youooe ever wondered why the So Black Birkins only appear in the hands of an extremely select set of celebs, allow us to regale you with a little So Black Birkin backstory. This extremely rare all-black version (black box calf with matching black hardware) of the traditional Birkin was first released in 2010. Because of production issues, some of the bags werenoo released until 2011, and they havenoo been reproduced by the brand since then, according to our research. That makes the So Black exponentially rarer than your average Birkin.

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These bags were available in both matte alligator and box calf, and Hurley has the box hermes kelly calf version, Fake Handbags Outlet as does Kim Kardashian, who owns a crazy stash of Birkins of every make and model. Tamara Ecclestone also lays claim to dozens of Birkins, including the Hermes So Black Alligator Birkin, which is the most ridiculously gorgeous Birkin of the whole lot, IMHO. Itoo no secret that Ioo pretty blah about most Hermes Birkins, both as bag and cultural phenomenon, but the So Blacks are so alluring, I hermes birkin price honestly wonder why Hermes hermes outlet ever tried black hardware again.

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