Sac Louis Vuitton femme

Welcome to a slightly delayed Edition of Tuesdays with Twiggers! Sac Louis Vuitton femme Cruise season is officially upon us! Although if you are like me you are merely thinking of turkey dinner and trying to finish up your holiday shopping. However, the idea of taking off on a cruise to a faraway island and leaving the husband to finish his own holiday shopping, decorate the tree, hang the decorations, and cook the Christmas dinner (all while toting Louis Vuitton Homme a fabulous new Louis Vuitton bag) somehow appeals to me! The cruise season also makes louis vuitton Wallets me think of sun and fun;and the dreary Midwest is not going to be providing any of that for at least another 5-6 months!

Even though Ioo not escaping to any distant islands this year, Louis Vuitton has still released some beautiful new bags that will help get me through the dreary winter months. The new Mini Lin Croisette line was released on November 1 and contains Louis Vuitton Soldes a great selection of handbags and accessories sure to please everyone. The Mini Lin Croisette is a variation of the traditional Mini Lin line, part of the permanent collection; however, for the cruise collection the bags Ceinture Louis Vuitton now come Lunettes Louis Vuitton in two new colors, red and blue, and are subtly striped. When I louis vuitton chaussures picture red and white Louis Vuitton Sale stripes I automatically think of candy canes, but not so with these new bags! The bags are trimmed in a gorgeous white pebbled leather. I am very impressed with this new collection and am curious to find out what you think too!

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