Sac Louis Vuitton

Finally back in the swing of things, Vlad and I wanted to share a little bit of our Italian vacation with all of you. Between Milan, Venice, and Florence, I must admit that my favorite city was Sac Louis Vuitton indeed Venice. It may have been the 5 Star hotel or the gorgeous people, the stunning weather or the breeze of the water, the delectable food or just spending time in an amazing place with amazing people. Either way, Venice topped my list as my favorite city. Situated a mere few Pas Cher Louis Vuitton hundred feet from Piazza San Marco, the Louis Vuitton Venice location boasted a stunning location in a quaint three floor layout. Vlad was tempted to buy a pair of shoes, but decided to pass and splurge Sac Louis Vuitton femme on Todoo shoes instead, while I made my louis vuitton vente way up the spiral louis vuitton lunette staircase to prix sac louis vuitton check out some gorgeous travel gear and the LV Onatah GM. The Onatah line Louis Vuitton Sale sports supple calfskin leather which is dyed and then softened by being drummed. The LV monogram is intricately perforated into the bag. Vlad and I really fell in love with this Louis Vuitton location, but found better bags at other designer stores while in Venice. Stay tuned for more of our trip in the upcoming days! As always, Vuitton Pas Cher shop for authentic Louis Vuitton via eLuxury.

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