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Leanne (and whatever loser she was with) rocked it YSL Bags Outlet yet YSL Bag Sale again this week. Her scorpio dress was avant-garde and thought-provoking, and it evoked the astrological sign YSL handbags harrods without being too literal. To me, she was the winner again this week, but the judges didnoo agree.

So who DID win? Jerell. And the more I look at his outfit, the more I like it. I adore the little gold top (both YSL handbags replica its shape and its fabric were perfect), and the tailoring of the skirt is impeccable, Cheap YSL handbags particularly for such a thick material that must have been difficult to sew. The jacket was also beautifully detailed and executed. Ok, nevermind, I just talked myself into believing that Jerell was the correct choice after all. In a world where Terri gets sent home before Suede, I YSL handbags sale donoo know what to believe anymore.

As far as next weeko[ canoo even remember whatoo going to happen. Theyooe going to make some clothes YSL handbag maybe? For teachers? Did I hear something about teachers? Hopefully there will be no male teachers, because YSL Handbags Outlet Iooe dated 4 male high school teachers in the past year and a half and, well, apparently YSL for sale spending all day with 14-year-olds will make Replica YSL Handbags you a tad nutty.

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