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If any of you have not realized, I sometimes tend to lead into a handbag with a story. This is no different. The elegant aura surrounding the women that I have been by YSL Bags Outlet when shopping YSL Bag Sale remind me of YSL Handbags this bag. The Yves Saint Laurent Metallic Bow Bag is a stunning sophisticated bag that Replica YSL Handbags implements bow detail to add the perfect touch. The bag is made of soft metallic leather (I do believe they have had other colors previously o?a cream color which was also divine). Along with the bow detailing there is also detachable acorn bead detail-which I think the bag would look good with or without it. The inside is lined in satin and has a small YSL for sale zipper YSL discount handbags pocket. YSL Handbags Outlet The overall dimensions are 7oo X 8oo X 2oo. Now, what I found to be amusing was the disclaimer on the website: oRoUE TO HIGH DEMAND, A CUSTOMER MAY ORDER NO MORE THAN THREE UNITS OF THIS ITEM EVERY THIRTY YSL Bags DAYS.o?If I had that much money I might need to see a note like that, but coming in YSL handbag sale uk at $845.00 via Saks, Ioo be more than lucky if I could YSL store afford one.

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